Route Calendar

My travel calendars will be updated regularly as ideas take shape. There are two calendars. The rough long-term idea is to give people the chance to provide input into my travels, and potentially give people a far enough look ahead that we can plan to meet somewhere. The rough calendar was built based on a number of pieces of information including but not limited to: tourist visa duration, rough mileage to cover, and seasonal weather. Dates and places in yellow font are hard dates as travel tickets have been purchased. Everything in between is open for exploration. While the trip is conceived as a cycle touring adventure, I am open to spending time off the bike. For example, when in Nepal I plan to spend most of the visa’s duration doing the Annapurna Trek. Don’t feel like you must ride a bike to meet up with me.

Location of major travel Arrival Departure days in zone form/cost of travel
Malaga, Spain 31-Mar-2016   71  
Amsterdam, Netherlands   10-Jun-2016 flight $100
Edinburgh, Scotland 10-Jun-2016 60
Dublin/Cork, Ireland 09-Aug-2016 flight $150
eastern Schengen 09-Aug-2016 19
Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia 28-Aug-2016 cycle
Ukraine, Romania, Croatia 28-Aug-2016 75
Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey 11-Nov-2016 flight
southeast Asia/Nepal (March-April)/India 12-Nov-2016 180
India 11-May-2017
China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan? 11-May-2017 95
China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan? 14-Aug-2017
Australia/New Zealand? 15-Aug-2017 120
Australia/New Zealand 13-Dec-2017
South America 14-Dec-2017 80
Central America 04-Mar-2018
LAX? 04-Mar-2018 70
Ride to KS? 13-May-2018

The short-term calendar is to provide more detailed information on the plans for the coming days to weeks, but can change on a whim. For instance, if I happen to hear that a famous climb is snow free and only a day or two ride away… I just might not be able to hold myself back. 🙂

Please feel free to provide ideas and input regarding the short or long-term plans. This adventure is shared with all who participate via physical travel or intellectual contributions.

Date Start End Miles Housing
3/30/2016 KC
3/31/2016 Malaga Lights out Hostel
4/1/2016 Lights out Hostel
4/2/2016 Malaga San Pedro de Alcantara 46 Hostal Plaza San Pedro
4/3/2016 San Pedro de Alcantara Ronda. Spain 30 Pension Hostal Ronda Sol
4/4/2016 Ronda Gibraltar or towards Jerez 56
4/5/2016 0
4/6/2016 Gibraltar Cadiz/Jerez 77
4/7/2016 0
4/8/2016 Jerez/Cadiz Sevilla 75
4/9/2016 0
4/10/2016 Sevilla Huelva 66
4/11/2016 Huelva Mertola 57
4/12/2016 Mertola Santiago do Cacem 71
4/13/2016 0
4/14/2016 Santiago do Cacem Lisbon 65
4/15/2016 0
4/16/2016 Lisbon Nazare 75
4/17/2016 Nazare Fatima/Tomar 45
4/18/2016 0
4/19/2016 Tomar Coimbra 50
4/20/2016 Coimbra Vila Nova de Gaia 70
4/21/2016 0
4/22/2016 Vila Nova de Gaia Braga 35
4/23/2016 Braga Chavez 67
4/24/2016 Chavez Braganca 52
4/25/2016 Braganca Zamora 74
4/26/2016 0
4/27/2016 Zamora Valladolid 65
4/28/2016 Valladolid Lerma 65
4/29/2016 Lerma Burgos 28
4/30/2016 Burgos Logrono 71
5/2/2016 Logrono Caparosso 47
5/3/2016 Caparosso Ejea de los Caballeros 36