If you’re here, then you’re wondering who I am. Well, in short I’m a curious person who doesn’t like to stand still for too long. I love riding and racing bicycles as well as hiking and camping. I also enjoy being challenged with new ideas and situations that test my beliefs and creative problem solving skills.

Tour de ell paso      hiking trip

The basic traits underlying my general interests led me to a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering, and into industry. Over the last 9 years I have been a “high achiever”, but never felt quite challenged or utilized the way I envisioned. So, I bounced around trying to keep the fire stoked, but have resigned myself to “not being cut out for the corporate world.” That’s not much of a resignation, but a relief. I believe that in general many of the “old school” corporations will have trouble maintaining the next generation of professional workers due to a broadening of society’s personal experiences and interests.

My own experience with this dilemma led me to a point where I have decided to follow a personal dream of long-term travel, primarily via bicycle. This blog is dedicated to keeping people informed of my thoughts and experiences as I make my way around the world via bicycle, planes, trains, buses and any other means that I find necessary or fun. Check out my page dedicated to my traveling bicycle rig if you feel inclined. I spent a good bit of time and thought in creating a system that is similar to but different from anything I’ve ever seen available. It’s pretty neat, but as of yet only “beta” tested.

Please feel free to give advice, warnings or any other feedback you think is warranted. Happy reading!


me on corsica

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. We still miss you at the Block. Had some problems you would have come in handy to help us figure out. Well hope you are enjoying yourself and come back with lots of stories. Be careful of foriegn women.


    1. Thanks, Bullwinkle. Well tell them that for the right ammount of money I’d “consult remotely”, and for an exorbitant ammount (plus all travel) I’d even come back for a week. Lol


  2. Just a few questions, First are the pints as good as you brewed at home? How do they travel abroad? Is it mostly by rail or does it vary by region? How hard is it to find parts for your bike? Have many more, but don’t want to drone on. One more thing. Looking at your pics and at first I thought you were calling the girl sexy, should have known better.Lol



    1. Scottish beer generally sucks. There are some good ones, but generally they are run by Americans… Irish beer is pretty good.

      Cheap travelers go by bus. Others go by train or car for shorter distances and planes for longer distances. Plane trips can be extremely cheap. Many times if you only have a carry-on you can get across Europe for under $75.

      I have only needed to buy a few tubes and a tire so far, but in Europe I could get anything I need pretty easily. They’re generally much more into cycling than we are, so parts are readily available.

      There are many sexy women here as well as bikes.


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