Calm before the storm

Since arriving 2 days ago I have already met so many interesting and fun people. It turns out that for many European universities this is the last week of spring break, so I am surrounded by youth from all over the world. I am, as expected, the old man of the group. After 20+ hours of travel I tried to keep up, but shortly after 3 a.m. I had to call it a night just as the Spaniards were kicking it into gear. I had always heard about their late dinners, and even later partying, but wow! Just crazy!

Today was a beautiful day for walking around the city and preparing myself for tomorrow’s ride down the coast. 60-70 F and sunny all day. Perfect for strolling the beach and city.



Speaking of the ride/storm starting. The bike case got beat up a little during the flight. It looks like the usb port is trashed, so I’m going to have to see if I can either seal it up or find a replacement port before sunday. It looks like I’ll get to ride in some rain during the first week of travel. However, I’d rather ride in the rain than sit in a hostel missing out on a city because of rain.


I also found a neat cafe near the hostel called “Recyclo Bike Cafe”. I had to stop in for a drink and take a look around. Next door is their bike shop, it was closed, but the decor and vibe of the cafe was nice.



Published by: Andrew Monfort

I am a former engineer who decided to follow my dreams. After 9 years of working as a process engineer in the oil & gas production and refining industries, I decided to follow my passions (cycling and travel) to see where they lead.


11 thoughts on “Calm before the storm”

  1. The view of the bull ring and the ocean from the Alcazaba is beautiful! Something we don’t get to experience here in the plains of West Texas.


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