Time is short until it’s endless

The approach toward giving notice of my resignation, moving out of Texas and beginning my travels is speeding by at an incredible pace. I have so many people to see, so many things to prepare and I need to continue getting miles in with and without the trailer behind the bike. These are exciting times, and better ones are sure to come.

Soon I’ll be landing in Malaga, Spain and starting the ride of a lifetime. Obviously there is a huge amount of planning and preparation that has gone into this, and I will try to put together a few posts here and there about how I started, sources of inspiration, and other resources that I have used, and continue to use, to help make a dream come true.

Stay tuned! There will be more coming as I get this blog and site going.


Published by: Andrew Monfort

I am a former engineer who decided to follow my dreams. After 9 years of working as a process engineer in the oil & gas production and refining industries, I decided to follow my passions (cycling and travel) to see where they lead.


4 thoughts on “Time is short until it’s endless”

  1. As a fellow cyclist, a part time traveler, and older man, I cheer you on. Many of us postpone our dreams of fun and adventure until later in life, when the kids are grown, or when retirement comes along, but most things are better experienced when we are full of youth, energy, and wonder. Good luck!

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